Important Buying Questions...

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  • Has it ever leaked?
  • When will it need replacing?
  • Is the chimney lined?
  • Will the chimney need an expensive tuck
    pointing job?
  • Is there enough insulation?
  • Is the ventilation adequate?
  • Are there condensation problems?
  • Can the attic be used for storage?
  • Do the windows leak?
  • Does the brick siding need tuck pointing?
  • Is the grading proper to keep water out of
    the basement?

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  • Does the electrical system need updating?
  • Is aluminum wiring present?
  • Is the electrical service adequate?
  • Are the outlets wired properly?
  • Are the drains vented properly?
  • How old is the hot water heater?
Well & Septic
  • Is the water pressure sufficient?
  • Does the drinking water contain bacteria,
    lead, nitrates, or arsenic?
  • Is the septic system operating properly?


Michigan commercial inspectors, MI commercial inspectors, Genesee County commercial inspectors, Oakland County commercial inspectors, Livingston County commercial inspectors, Lapeer County commercial inspectors, Flint commercial inspectors, Davison commercial inspectors, Brighton commercial inspectors, Howell commercial inspectors, Grand Blanc commercial inspectors, Fenton commercial inspectors, Flushing commercial inspectors, Swartz Creek commercial inspectors, Clio commercial inspectors, Mt. Morris commercial inspectors, Hartland commercial inspectors

Heating & Cooling
  • Will the furnace need replacing soon?
  • Does the air-conditioning cool the house?
  • What type of heating system does the house have, and what maintenance is required?
  • Does each room receive heat?
  • What do the cracks in the walls mean?
  • Should I worry about the water stains on the ceiling?
  • Are the stains on the wall normal?
  • Should we worry about the cracks?
  • Does the basement leak?