ValueCheck Radon Mitigation

If the radon level is above the EPA action level of 4.0 picocuries per liter (Pc/l), ValueCheck can install a Radon Reduction System. This usually involves sealing the sump pit and installing a ventilation system that uses a concept called "sub-slab depressurization", with a special exhaust fan that creates negative pressure under the foundation. This system pulls radon out of the soil below the house and vents it outside. Although ValueCheck guarantees the system will reduce the radon level below the 4.0 action level, we typically achieve a reading lower than 1.0 Pc/l.

Why choose ValueCheck to install your Radon Reduction System?

Customers have come to trust the quality of the work we do, and know that we will stand behind our installations. When the installation is complete, we will conduct another 48 hour test with our electronic monitor, in order to prove the new radon level. Other companies will leave behind charcoal cannisters that the customer places and sends away to be analyzed. Since we are local, it's possible for us to do follow up calls if necessary. The main component of the system is a fan unit that comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years, during which time we will provide free service calls.