Component Inspections

Occasionally, a customer wants an inspection of an individual component such as a roof or foundation, rather than the entire home. Although we encourage the customer to gain as much knowledge about the home as possible, we are willing to do partial inspections based on customer needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

Pest Inspectionsgraphic showing a bug trying to get into a house

During inspections we sometimes see evidence of pests. We look for wood destroying insects, hornet nesting, and mice or bats in the attic or crawl space. If you are getting a VA or FHA mortgage, a pest or wood destroying insect inspection may be required. ValueCheck has the certification to perform this inspection and provide the report required by special loan programs.

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Expert Witness

Mark Mustola has been accepted as an expert witness by several Michigan courts. He can provide on-site investigation, research, and expert testimony to support litigation in construction and home inspection cases.

Realtor Continuing Education

a drawing of a man with cogs going around in his brain

ValueCheck has developed training programs that Realtors can attend to get continuing education credits with Michigan Realtors Association. Here are several examples of classes but there are more in development.

Defects that Could Derail your Deal
Class Objectives:  To show photos and provide explanation of defects and associated cost magnitude, which will enable agents to identify them when listing a house, and be better equipped to manage the situation when these things come up on home inspections.

  1. Foundation Defects and Repairs – 1 hour, 1 CE
  2. Electrical Panels & Aluminum Wiring – 1 hour, 1 CE
  3. Asbestos & Mold – 1 hour, 1 CE
  4. Well & Septic Inspections, Sewer Scopes – 1 hour, 1 CE

Inspector Liability
Class Objective: To discuss inspector liability and how Realtors can reduce their risk regarding home inspections. Topics covered include inspector liability, Standard of Care, inspection scope and standards, inspection agreements, insurance, and things Realtors can do to reduce their risk and liability.  1 hour, 1 CE

The Home Inspection Process
Class Objective: To explain various types of inspections, scope, setting buyer expectations, choosing home inspectors.  1 hour, 1 CE

Visit our Continuing Education Class page to view the course catalog and to schedule a class with us